EAC Board of Advisors and Standards Board Presentation

Election Operations Assessment

Threat Trees and Matrices and Threat Instance Risk Analyzer (TIRA)

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Election Process and Voting Systems Models (doc) (pdf)

EAC Advisory Board and Standards Board Working Draft (doc), (pdf)

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Project Overview (streaming in viewer)
     ProjectOverview_iPod.m4v, 4.1Mb, 3:32;   ProjectOverview.mp4, 2.4Mb, 3:32

Threats Introduction (streaming in viewer)
      ThreatsIntroduction_iPod.m4v, 5Mb, 3:55;  ThreatsIntroduction.mp4, 3.2Mb, 3:55

Threat Trees (streaming in viewer)
     ThreatTrees_iPod.m4v, 10.6 Mb, 6:27;  ThreatTrees.mp4, 6.8Mb, 6:27

Threat Matrices (streaming in viewer)
     ThreatMatrices_iPod.m4v, 7.5Mb, 4:56;  ThreatMatrices.mp4, 5Mb, 4:56

TIRA tool Introduction (streaming in viewer)
   TIRA_Intro_iPod.m4v, 4.4Mb, 3:55; TIRA_Intro.mp4, 2.5Mb, 3:55

TIRA Risk Calculation (streaming in viewer)
    TIRA_RiskCalculation_iPod.m4v, 10.8Mb, 8:50; TIRA_RiskCalculation.mp4, 6.4Mb, 8:50

TIRA Define Threat Instance (streaming in viewer)
   TIRA_DefineThreatInstance_iPod.m4v, 22.1Mb, 9:50; TIRA_DefineThreatInstance.mp4, 19.1Mb, 9:50

TIRA Input Parameters (streaming in viewer)
   TIRA_InputParameters_iPod.m4v, 12.8Mb, 6:41; TIRA_InputParameters.mp4, 11Mb, 6:41

TIRA Simulation Demonstration (streaming in viewer)
    TIRA_SimulationDemo_iPod.m4v, 6.3Mb, 3:39; TIRA_SimulationDemo.mp4, 4.1Mb, 3:39

TIRA Conclusion (streaming in viewer)
    TIRA_Conclusion_iPod.m4v, 2.1Mb, 1:55; TIRA_Conclusion.mp4, 1.1Mb, 1:55

Project Collaborators (streaming in viewer)
    Collaborators_iPod.m4v, 0.9Mb, 0:53; Collaborators.mp4, 0.6Mb, 0:53